What size is best to buy?

Black Friday and the Holidays are a hot time to load up on Hot Logics for gifts (and a couple for yourself). A lot of new users interested in buying often ask, which size is best for me? Personally, ALL OF THEM! Of course we are going to say that because we don't just promote Hot Logic, we also use all of them and understand that everyone starts somewhere.

9x13 Family Size:

If you are thinking about the Hot Logic family size, this is a great in home tool. You can make dinner for two people or a whole family. It can hold a full casserole dish or be broken into two smaller dishes for a main dish and a side. 

Ribs turn out perfect and tender in the 9x13 to a whole casserole for a holiday party or get together. 

Hot Logic Mini

The mini is a go to travel to or lunch buddy. Once you get one Hot Logic mini and realize how versatile and easy it is, you will be buying one for everyone! I personally leave my Hot Logic mini at work. With a short drive, I pack my lunch in a normal lunch bag, plug my food in with the mini and cook my lunch when I get to work. It has been well over a year since I have used the microwave and I don't see myself ever going back.

If you travel for work a lot, the mini is perfect with a 4 cup or 6 cup Pyrex dish. Have time to stop at a store? Grab a frozen meal and plug it into the Hot Logic. Heating up leftovers? That works too! There are endless uses for the Hot Logic mini, it is a great starter tool and will go everywhere with you.

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