Why Cooking in the Hot Logic is safe

The goal of our blog is to always be teaching or helping our users and a topic that often comes up is, "how it is safe to cook raw meat?" 

Last year when they introduced me as your blogger there was a short intro on me but I wanted to let you know a little bit more on my background. A lot of my cooking experience started when I joined the Army as a cook. During my AIT (Advanced Individual Training) I had to take cooking classes where I also had to certify in food safety and standards. This is important as the quickest way to make soldiers sick is undercooking food. With that said, the Hot Logic is incredible as it will never overcook your food because it reaches and holds food at 165 degrees.

Ok, so why is this important?

Safe Cooking Temps

According to USDA (US Department of Agriculture) standards for safe steps in handling and cooking food, the highest cooking temp for safe standards is 165 degrees to reheat leftovers. Below is the USDA Temperature Chart:

USDA Temp ChartUSDA Food Safety Standards

If you take a look at the chart, cooking raw ground meat has the highest temp requirement at 160 degrees meaning the Hot Logic will reach high enough temperatures.

Pasta, Potatoes and Rice... Oh my!

In past posts on the blog, the discussion of heavy starches and why they do not cook all the way in the Hot Logic are explained. Check out our past posts!

What else can I do?

Do you have more questions unanswered about your Hot Logic?

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It's too simple!

I am sure you have tried to share your excitement with someone else and you find it hard to explain how simple, easy and cool this lunch box thing that cooks your food is... trust me, we know!

The best advice is keep it simple. There are so many awesome tips and tricks you will learn to use your Hot Logic for. Have fun, experiment, and enjoy the benefits of nice and hot food!