Why users love the Hot Logic

It is easy to constantly share how much we love the Hot Logic so we asked our dedicated users why they love theirs and the feedback was overwhelming.

Users from all different professions like over the road drivers, truckers, EMT's, flight attendants and many more reached out. Here are some of their stories:

Cynthia Santoro: "its helped me save money when i'm working because i just throw instant rice, veggies a little meat seasonings/liquid in my" Hotlogic and have lunch. Love it! can't."

 Brian Scuilli: "Anybody that has been driving a truck for awhile knows the feeling of, I want a good hot meal. I don't get that feeling anymore, I get a good hot meal everyday. Eat better for a fraction of the price. Love HLM"

Diane Demumbreum: " 1) I keep supper warm for my son, who doesn’t get off work until 11:30pm.

2) I cook breakfast over night and the kids don’t have time to go crazy while I prep breakfast- we just get up and eat. Once breakfast is done I put leftovers in for our lunch.

3) when I need some butter melted or cream cheese softened, I put them in my mini to warm. Back when I put them in the microwave they over heated. If I don’t want them to have direct heat, I can turn a saucer upside down and put a saucer or bowl on top with the butter/cream cheese in it.

4) I want to try making bread - I think I can turn on 2 of my minis and set them on their sides, creating a square and set my bowl of dough in the middle to create a ‘warm zone’ to let the dough rise.

5) We’ve made rotel cheese dip and other snacks in our mini.

6) I’m looking forward to taking food to shut-ins and leaving one of my minis so they don’t have to warm their food."

Debra Saucedo:

"I have 2 HLM, one for home that I cook my breakfast in overnight. And another for work.
I feel that I’m eating healthier and saving money. Fast-food breakfasts can cost anywhere from $4-10 a meal, that adds up fast. I have a 45 min to an 1 hour commute so Iprefer to eat while I’m driving instead of getting up early and making breakfast and eating before I leave for work.... not to mention all the dirty dishes. With my HLM I cook my breakfast overnight and before I leave I dump it in my preheated soup thermos to eat on the road. So breakfast is saving me money, eating real food not processed food with chemicals/preservatives, and reduced my carbs intake.
For work I heat up leftover that is cooked on my days off. So again real food, no more fast food or boring sandwiches, or just salads (now it’s SOUP and salad). Which again saves me money. The difference I have also noticed eating this way; I have energy that sustains me throughout the day. I work an oddball shift, 11:30am-8:00pm and I use to come home starving and eat a big meal, well now lunch is my big meal and I just snack if I’m hungry when I get home. So I feel that I am eating better/healthier overall."

Tony Pawelek: "Traveling salesman. Make a ton of stuff on weekend and eat in car all week. Save crazy money and eat much better than take out. Awesome unit."

We had so many comments we could not share them all but one thing is for sure, the HotLogic saves you time, money, and most important your health. Having a hot meal on the go or through travel is key to staying healthy while traveling.

Do you love your Hot Logic? Comment below and share your story!