Commercial Ovens


Introducing New Touchless Breakroom Ovens

  • SmartShelf™ — heats food, holds temps, never overcooks
  • No buttons or dials to touch + doors open automatically on New Touchless models
  • Heats all flat-bottom containers, including metal

Touchless 8


The SMARTSHELF™ PRO OVEN TOUCHLESS 8 with an automatic door sensor reduces breakroom and meal prep touchpoints (virtually eliminating the need for a community refrigerator and microwave) and keeps food free from cross-contamination. Think of it as Personally Protected Eating.

Breakroom 8

HOTLOGIC® 8 eliminates the long waits, the unsanitary conditions, the super hot, burnt edges and the frozen centers that come with the break room microwave. Using patented SmartShelf™ Technology the HOTLOGIC® 8 cooks up to 8 meals at once. It heats the meal slowly and evenly, preserving the moisture and flavor of the food. Then it holds the meal at a hot, serving temperature for hours. Your meal is always moist, hot and ready to eat.

Breakroom 4

HOTLOGIC® 4 is perfect for a small office or family kitchen. Using patented SmartShelf™ Technology HOTLOGIC® cooks up to 4 meals at once. This revolutionary oven will save you time and money as it uses less energy than a microwave to heat your meal. It’s also more sanitary than a microwave because meals are cooked in a sealed container and the slow, even, heating eliminates splatter and exploding food.

Tasty Tech

SmartShelf™ technology makes preparing food safe and taste great.

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