Personal Ovens


Easier, Safer, & Tastier

  • HeatDeck™ – heats food, holds temps, never overcooks
  • Only you pack and touch your food
  • No buttons to push, no temperature to set

Mini Oven

Say goodbye to food splatter, cold centers, and burnt food. And good riddance to breakroom appliances and waiting in line for your turn. HOTLOGIC® Mini Ovens hold and heat food perfectly for hours without overcooking so you can get a warm, delicious meal whenever you're ready. Accommodates containers up to 8.75” W x 6.75” L x 2.5 H“ or 1.5 quarts of food.

Also available in 12v car plug

Max Oven

All the magic of the HotLogic, but family size—the Max Oven accommodates 9x13 size dishes! Wave bye-bye to high-maintenance food warming alternatives, stress and burnt food. And say hello to worry-free and wonderfully delicious cooking and warming. Great for parties, potlucks, reunions and tailgating, HOTLOGIC® Max Ovens heat and hold food perfectly for hours without overcooking so you can enjoy the food and time at your gatherings.

Mini Oven XP

All the benefits of the standard Mini Oven (easier, safer and tastier way to heat up food), but with an attached, expandable carrying bag neatly tucked away in the top lining. Use this extra storage space for carrying utensils, some tasty sides and your favorite drink. Accommodates 8.75" W x 6.75" L x 2.5" H size dishes.

Max Oven XP

Why just bring food when you can have a creative dish or meal? Our Max Oven XP does everything our standard Max Ovens do (worry-free heating and warming food), but the expandable carrying bag smartly tucked into the top lining gives you added room to transport everything you need to make more out of your dish or day. Serving dishes and utensils as well as toppings you want to add later fit nicely into the built-in storage bag. Accommodates 9x13 size dishes!

Heat Healthier
on the go.

HeatDeck & SmartShelf

HeatDeck™ technology makes preparing food easier and safer, plus, it makes it tastier, too.

  • Deliciously Heats Food Without Drying
  • Conveniently Holds Temperature Up to 12 Hours

Enjoy fresh