The Top 5 reasons Vegans Love a Hot Logic Mini

Eating vegan can be a real challenge, especially away from home. Going out for a meal generally consists of the salad at a fast food restaurant or maybe a vegetable soup at a sit-down place. If you bring a lunch, it's usually a PB&J sandwich and maybe some carrots sticks. Not terribly exciting. Leftovers aren't quite as bad, but the microwave totally ruins food or stinks like the pepperoni pizza the person in front of you just warmed up. Gross!

Now, there are options. The Hot Logic Mini is a personal portable oven, kinda like an electric lunchbox, that doesn't dry out or burn the food. Instead, it cooks and steams the food. My veggies have a nice crunch to them, and the flavor is locked right into them. It's great! It can sit right at your desk, and you can pop it open and eat. Whenever. A few bites here and there, or the whole thing, it's hot and ready. No more listening to Arnold in shipping giving you crap about not eating bacon while you're stuck with him in the breakroom.

  1. Leftovers are awesome. As good as when you made it or better! How many times do you throw away your leftovers because you hate the way they taste when reheated?
  2. Veggies in the Microwave just suck, not to mention those things are so dirty. Have you looked at the stuff stuck the walls in there?
  3. No weirdos looking at my food, judging you for what you eat and making the same dumb jokes over and over.
  4. Variety- Eat anything you want. Take out from the Chinese place, leftovers from earlier this week, or pre-pack a few things, toss them in the freezer and just pop them in if you’re in a hurry.
  5. Freedom- its small and lightweight. Let my food heat up, when you ready to eat, go outside with it and enjoy the sunshine and the breeze at the park. With a small inverter you can even cook right in your car.

And a sixth reason, convenience. Drop oatmeal and quinoa in at night before bed and plug it in.. by morning, breakfast is ready. Use a second one for making dinner at home while you work.

While it may sound too good to be true, it really will make a huge difference in your day. Food can be so boring sometimes when you are limited, the Hot Logic really allows you to brighten up your food and make your day seem so much better.