Which Size HOTLOGIC® is Right for Me?

Which Size HOTLOGIC® is Right for Me?

When choosing your next personal HOTLOGIC® oven, there are many things to consider when it comes to selecting the size that’s best for you. For a little help with weighing the differences, read on for some additional insights into the different sizes we offer.


9″x13″ — Family Size

Our family-sized HOTLOGIC® Max Series is designed to be able to cook or heat meals for several people. It’s ideal for casseroles, family-sized frozen meals, and your choice of family-favorites.

Some of our Max morning-favorites include overnight oats, as well as those yummy egg casseroles (pro tip: prepare and plug in your Max the night before and cook overnight, so breakfast is ready when you are in the morning)!

Lunches are a breeze with the HOTLOGIC® Max, as it’s great for reheating batch leftovers for a quick and tasty meal for all. It’s also equally great for preparing seasoned chicken, to include in sandwiches or on salads for a healthy mid-day meal.

And dinners? So easy: simply warm your family’s favorite prepared frozen meal, prep a delicious casserole, or use your Max to make your family’s favorite recipes (ribs, smothered chicken, enchiladas, and more)!

And finally, the 9″x13″ Family Size is perfect for events, like parties, potlucks, camping, or tailgaiting – and any time you feel like sharing some comfort and deliciousness with friends, family, and the ones you love.

Sound like the right fit? Get your new Family-Sized HOTLOGIC® Max oven now!


Mini (4–6-Cup) — Personal Size

HOTLOGIC® Mini Personal Ovens are the perfect size for one, comfortably holding 4, 5, or 6-cup-covered dishes.

Cook or heat individual breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and your favorite frozen meals for one – at home, work, or anytime between on the go!

The Mini offers big benefits. Our awesome customers have saved money by using their HOTLOGIC® Minis to heat leftovers, dips, and snacks – and they save time and energy to boot in not having to wait in line for the higher-output microwave.

And finally, the Personal Mini is the perfect size for commuters, travelers, picnickers, teachers, and more, as they’re comparable to toting a regular lunchbox,and even safer to use than regular appliances. 

Spark any interest? Find your new personal HOTLOGIC® Mini Oven now.

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