What Size is Best to Buy?

What Size is Best to Buy?

Picking out your next HOTLOGIC®? Check out these details if you’re wondering what size to buy:


9x13 Family Size

Our family size is designed to cook or heat meals for several people. It’s ideal for casseroles, frozen family-sized meals, or your family’s favorite meals.

 Some of our favorites are overnight oats or egg casseroles (prepare and plug your HOTLOGIC® in to cook overnight so breakfast is ready when you are in the morning).

 Reheat leftovers for a quick and delicious lunch or prepare seasoned chicken to include in sandwiches or on salads.

 And, dinner is so easy: warm your family’s favorite prepared frozen meal, prepare a delicious casserole, or use your HOTLOGIC® to make a recipe your family loves (ribs, smothered chicken, enchiladas, and so much more).

 The 9x13 family size is also perfect for parties, potlucks, or anytime you want to share a meal, snack, or appetizer with friends and family.

Shop for your new 9x13 Family Size now.


Mini Size

The Mini is the perfect size for one person, ideal for holding 4, 5, or 6 cup covered dishes.

Cook or heat your individual breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or cook your favorite frozen meal for one.

 So many users save money by using their Mini to re-heat leftovers for a delicious meal that’s ready when they are for lunch, and, they save time not having to wait for the microwave.

 The Mini is also a great option for dips and snacks for yourself or to share.

 Shop for your new Mini Size now.

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