Frequently Asked Questions

Personal + Portable Ovens

Does HOTLOGIC® cook evenly?

Yes. HOTLOGIC® uses conduction heating, which unlike microwaving, heats evenly—no overcooked meals. HOTLOGIC® evenly cooks or reheats fresh or frozen meals, meats and vegetables—even leftovers—without burning or drying food out. Say goodbye to over-cooked meals.

What food can I use in HOTLOGIC®?

Leftovers, frozen meals and cooking from scratch. Unlike a microwave, HOTLOGIC® will not dry out or burn your food.

  • Leftovers: Most leftover meals will be warm enough to eat in about 30-40 minutes but will stay at the perfect eating temperature for hours. Leftovers come out tasting as good or better as the first time! Don’t be afraid to plug your HOTLOGIC® in early, so you have your food ready to eat when you are.
  • Frozen meals: Simply place your meal directly on the HOTLOGIC® heating element, no need to remove it from the packaging. Allow 2+ hours for the meal to fully cook to a 165 degree serving temperature and enjoy. We guarantee that once you’ve had a frozen meal cooked this way, you’ll want to drop the mic(rowave) for good!
  • Cooking from scratch: Choose your favorite meat and/or vegetable, some seasoning and enjoy the most tender meat and wonderfully cooked vegetables you could ask for. Like a crockpot, just add your ingredients and go about your day. Allow 1-2 hours for the meat to fully cook. If frozen, allow 2+ hours. Always use a food thermometer to verify meat has reached 165 degrees.

Does HOTLOGIC® use buttons or dials?

No. HOTLOGIC® is an automatic oven. Just plug it in and go about your day. Your meal is ready when you are.

Will HOTLOGIC® keep meals ready to eat?

Yes, you can plug it in and go about your day. Once the meal is reheated, it will be held to a perfect temperature for you—that is not dried out or overcooked.

Can I boil water in the HOTLOGIC®?

No. The HOTLOGIC® never reaches the boiling point. This protects your food from being overcooked and losing its nutrition.

Can I use the HOTLOGIC® in my car?

Yes. HOTLOGIC® is a 120v product commonly used in cars and trucks with a standard power outlet or with an inverter for your cigarette lighter. Some models are available with a car plug.

What size inverter do I use HOTLOGIC®?

We recommend using a 150 watt inverter - it is universal for either the lunchbag or casserole units.

How do I clean my HOTLOGIC®?

Unplug your unit and allow it to cool to room temperature before cleaning. Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaners or abrasive scrub pads. Do not submerge the device in water. HOTLOGIC® is NOT dishwasher safe. Use a soft, damp cloth or paper towel and a mild cleaner (if needed) to clean surfaces. Do NOT spray cleaner directly on surfaces to be cleaned. Spray cleaner into a cloth, then clean surfaces.

What containers can be used in HOTLOGIC®?

You can use any flat-bottomed sealed container (cardboard, metal, plastic and glass). In addition, any dishwasher or microwave-safe container can be used. The recommended container size for the Mini and Mini XP is 8.75" W x 6.75" L x 2.5" H. The recommended container size for the Max and Max XP is 9" W x 13" L x 3.75 H.

How much power does HOTLOGIC® consume?

HOTLOGIC® mini/lunchbag+ uses 45 watts (.5 amps) and the HOTLOGIC® Casserole/Casserole+ uses 100 watts (.8 amps). HOTLOGIC® has low power usage, similar to a lightbulb, so it doesn’t waste energy. Units are UL Certified and won’t overheat or burn food.

How long is the Mini cord?

3 feet long. This makes it easy to plug into a desk outlet without needing powerstrips.

Does HOTLOGIC® come with a warranty?

Yes. We offer you a triple guarantee:

  1. ONE FULL YEAR, TOP QUALITY MANUFACTURING REFUND OR REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: If your HOTLOGIC® does not properly heat and prepare delicious meals, or is found to have any defects whatsoever on the bag, zipper, heating element or cord, please return it for a complete refund or replacement within ONE YEAR of purchase.
  2. If you aren’t completely blown away that your HOTLOGIC® prepares the most mouth-watering, delicious and nutritious meals you’ve ever imagined from a mini cooker, please return it for a full refund within 90 days of purchase.
  3. You’re going to tell at least three friends how amazing your HOTLOGIC® is, and/or at least two of your friends will ask what it is and where you got it. If not, feel free to send it back for a full refund within 90 days of purchase.
  4. You can extend your warranty by visiting this page:

Where is HOTLOGIC® made?

HOTLOGIC® and its smart shelf with heat management platform are products of American ingenuity and creativity and assembled in the USA. All HOTLOGIC® products are designed, developed and assembled in Grand Haven, MI.

Can I take my HOTLOGIC® internationally?

Yes. To use HOTLOGIC® outside the USA, you’ll need a step-down converter, available at Amazon, electronic stores and airports.

Why are their different colored interiors?

The HOTLOGIC® 9x13 has a black interior while all of the other interiors are silver. This doesn’t affect the way the product works, it is just an aesthetic difference.

Is there metal in the bag lining?

No, the fabric is a silver color but there is no actual metal in it.

Can I put the HOTLOGIC® in the refrigerator until I am ready to plug it in to heat?

Yes, we have many people who do this.

Are there things you can’t cook in the HOTLOGIC®?

Potatoes, raw pasta and traditional rice are best avoided.

What are the dimensions and weights of your products?

HOTLOGIC® Mini - 9.5”x7.5”x4.5” 1.96lb HOTLOGIC® 9X13 Family Size - 17”x11”x6” 3.2lb HOTLOGIC® Lunchbag+ 9.5"x7.5"x4.5" collapsed AND 9.5"x7.5"x11" expanded 1.96lb HOTLOGIC® Casserole Carrier+ 17x11x6 collapsed and 17"x11"x15.75" expanded 4lb

What are the colors and features of your products?

HOTLOGIC®; products are available in Mini and 9x13 sizes in an array of modern designs and colors, with easy carrying and extra padded handles, and added leather details. Available in wall plug models with a three ft long cord for easy desk plug in and car-plug models; convenient for commuters.

What kind of reviews do you have?

With nearly 7,000+ positive reviews and a 99.4 percent approval rating on Amazon and a top segment performer on HSN, HOTLOGIC®’s innovative totes are heating things up in the meal prep and frozen food categories.

I recently purchased a HOTLOGIC® and now I see there is a sale or I have a sale code. Can I get a price adjustment?

Codes and sales are only valid during the listed time period. Previous purchases are not eligible for price adjustments. We recommend following us on social media or signing up for our email list to be notified of our promotions.

Why won't the sale code I have work?

There are a few reasons your code may not work: it may be expired as all codes generated do have expiration dates or it may not be applicable to the item(s) in your cart. To stay up to date on available sales, codes, and other promotions, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter (linked at the bottom of our website).

Who can I contact with questions? or by calling 616.935.1049 Monday through Friday 9 am – 5 pm EST.