Heat or Cook Food to Effortless Perfection — Anywhere Life Takes You.

Discover the ultimate convenience in mealtime with HOTLOGIC®, your very own personal, portable oven & food warmer that blends patented smart-heating with smart design to elevate the way you cook, heat, & experience food for a better way of life.

HOTLOGIC® Hype From Every Corner

Where have I been hiding and not noticed this fantastic little meal helper? Now I can take my prepared meals in plastic meal portion containers, microwave meals, etc-and easily heat them up. Bravo!
—Railroad Worker
I'm a teacher and I only get 30 minutes for lunch. I used to eat fast food and it wasn't very healthy, but I thought, what other choice do I have? Then, I found HOTLOGIC®, and it's been everything I hoped for. Boom, at lunch I have a perfectly hot meal.
The hype is real! I’m a flight attendant so I travel a lot. Some hotel rooms have microwaves, but not all… and when they don’t, it’s my HOTLOGIC® Mini to the rescue! LOVE my HOTLOGIC®!
—Flight Attendant


MINI Collection

The MINI and MINI XP portable ovens deliver big, heating or cooking your personal-sized meals from the house to the highway – for delicious & wholesome fare anywhere you go.

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MAX Collection

Heat, cook, and serve hot, large meals in the family-sized MAX and MAX XP portable ovens. Perfect for parties, potlucks, picnics, and more.

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How it works

Hotlogic Exploded

Heat Happier


It's the hottest thing in today's world of cooking technology: low-slow heating that brings dream-worthy results to your everyday routine - without the need for buttons, switches, or dials. When you plug in your HOTLOGIC® oven, it starts heating using our thermal conduction technology, gently cooking or heating your food – and will even sustain it at the perfect temperature of 165℉, for hours.

Prep 1


Simply place your frozen or ready-to-cook meal OR food sealed in a compatible container inside your HOTLOGIC® on top of the heating pad, and zip fully shut.

Prep 2


Plug in your HOTLOGIC® oven around forty minutes before you intend to eat. That's it - no on/off switches, buttons, or dials - it will intuitively heat your meal to the perfect temperature without overheating, burning, or supervision needed from you.

Prep 3


Our patented low-slow conduction thermal heating will automatically bring your food to the perfect temperature. Unlike food heated in a microwave, your food will come out perfect - evenly heated all the way through, with just the right amount of moisture.

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