Getting started shopping list

In past posts we have shared how you can eat healthy from on the go options in your grocery store in your Hot Logic but we have not really ever discussed what you can buy on your first shopping trip out.
Before shopping, check out our Tips and Tricks post in the Hot Logic. It will discuss what will or will not cook from raw in the Hot Logic.
Looking to cook your breakfast in the Hot Logic? We have a post for that too.
To answer another question asked by new users, YES! You can cook raw meat in your Hot Logic. 

What should I buy?

It is very simple and can fit any lifestyle. Here are some recommendations:

  • Raw meat and veggies (remember that carrots and potato do not cook well from raw).
  • Frozen meals (remember that some may be too big to fit in the Hot Logic Mini
  • Ready cooked pasta or rice
  • Sauces: any BBQ Sauce, pasta sauce, or marinades work great

Recommended Favorites

After writing, cooking and experimenting for Hot Logic, I have found some favorites:

  • Frozen stuffed chicken: cordon blu, Buffalo, cheese and broccoli
  • Chicken wings: buffalo and bbq
  • Sizzlers or thin sliced beef for Philly cheese steaks. I use cheddar, onions, mushrooms and just the meat without the bread.
  • Baked pasta: pre-boiled or pre cooked pasta mixed with browned Italian sausage, ricotta, and pasta sauce. Check out this post for the full recipe

Hot Logic Recipes:

Have you joined our Hot Logic recipe group on Facebook? If not, you are missing out!

If you were confused when you first got your Hot Logic but are a pro now, we would love to hear about your experiences in the comments!


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