Quick and Easy Ribs

Do you love to eat ribs but struggle to find a perfect way to cook them? Many of us struggle how to get those perfect peel off the bone ribs, packed with flavor, or plain and simple do not have the time.

If you love Hot Logic Mini, you will LOVE using our 9x13 casserole size. You can cook a whole meal in separate containers or use the whole 9x13 size.

Hot Logic 9x11

Most rib recipes require a long cooking time in a smoker, on the grill, in the oven or a crock pot. Well, most of us don't have a smoker, prefer not to burn the house down having the oven on all day, or risk burning an expensive rack of ribs in the crock pot.

It took me two years to get the timing down on perfect crock pot ribs and I STILL mess them up. Enter: Hot Logic Ribs!

How would you like it to simply put a rack of ribs in a 9x13 pan or Pyrex, season them, spread some of your favorite BBQ sauce, plug them in and go? No rotating the meat, no checking them, even leaving the house for the day and coming home to perfectly cooked ribs?

Sounds too good to be true right?!?!

Hot Logic Ribs are so simple I will label them as FOOL PROOF!

My favorite recipe is so simple and packs a TON of flavor to your ribs. The night before you want to eat your ribs or even the day of, place the rack of ribs in your 9x13 pan or Pyrex dish. (We recommend this Pyrex dish as there are no extended handles and will fit the Hot Logic 9x13.)

Pour any liquid in the pan that you like. I recommend:

  • Soda or Pop : Root Beer, Coke, Dr. Pepper all taste great
  • Beer
  • Hard Cider : these add a great apple flavor
  • Ginger Beer (this is a recent favorite of mine!)
Season the ribs with a rub or I recommend: Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion powder. No need to measure, just cover the ribs evenly with all the seasonings.
I like to dice half of a sweet white onion and add it over the ribs. They break down and add a great flavor.
Finally, spread your favorite BBQ sauce over the ribs, then plug them in, set them and forget them! Note: I put the ribs in at 9 am and pulled them out around 5 pm for dinner.
At the end of the day, perfectly cooked ribs! I did not spread the BBQ sauce until the end of the day but it still had a great flavor!
These ribs were perfect! So good to the point I had to update my own crock pot rib recipe. No cleaning the crock pot, no over cooked or under cooked ribs. Just perfect, tender, and flavorful ribs.
These are perfect to have a side of macaroni and cheese, cheesy potatoes, or any other Hot Logic sides! Little prep, cooking time, and hardly any clean up!
Have you found ways to cook your favorite foods in the Hot Logic? Share YOUR ideas with us! 


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