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HOTLOGIC® Touchless Breakroom 8 - Food Warming Appliance

HOTLOGIC® Touchless Breakroom 8 - Food Warming Appliance

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Our 8-shelf touchless version opens with a wave of your hand.

Using patented SmartShelf™ Technology, HOTLOGIC® Appliances cook or heat meals slowly and evenly, preserving the moisture and flavor of the food. Then it holds each meal at a hot, serving safe temperature for hours. This revolutionary appliance will save you time and money as it uses less energy than a microwave to heat or cook. It’s also more sanitary than a microwave because meals are cooked in a sealed container and the slow, even, heating eliminates splatter and exploding food. If you would like to buy 5 or more units, please contact us for details.

27.7″ W x 15″H x 12.625″D
Weight 47lbs
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