Tips & Tricks for Your HOTLOGIC® Portable Oven

Tips & Tricks for Your HOTLOGIC® Portable Oven

Our personal, portable ovens are thoughtfully designed to be incredibly easy to use: no buttons, dials, or pre-heating needed. Just set it, forget it, and once your meal reaches 165° F (the perfect food-safe temperature), HOTLOGIC®’s smart-heating tech will sustain it there for 12 whole hours – and your food will taste just as delicious.

To make your HOTLOGIC® experience even easier, below we’ve provided some tips & tricks based on the most commonly asked questions we receive from our new customers.


What Can I Cook in My HOTLOGIC®? In What Ways?

You can cook from raw.
✅ You can re-heat leftovers — *pro tip: sealed containers help retain and enhance the flavor of your food.
✅ You can cook from frozen (with delicious results).
✅ You can cook a wide variety of both ready-made fresh and frozen meals.

Typically, you won't need to add any liquid(s) for your food to come out moist (as with chicken breasts, for instance), but if desired, you can always use a light application of your choice of sauce or marinade for flavoring purposes. The addition of liquid would only be necessary for foods where it’s specifically called for (such as minute rice), in which cases we recommend you go by the package’s directions.


What Can’t I Cook in My HOTLOGIC®?

  • While raw rice, pasta, potatoes, and carrots do not cook well in HOTLOGIC® ovens due to their high starch content, the good news is that both their pre-cooked and frozen forms (and even minute rice!) are fast and easy versions to use.
  • You cannot bake in a HOTLOGIC®; it does not get hot enough.
  • Meats, including beef, will be cooked to well-done, or to an internal temperature of 165° F, without a sear.


What Materials Can I Use in My HOTLOGIC®?

  • Foil and Parchment: Foods such as pizza and sandwiches should not be placed in a sealed container. Rather wrap sandwiches in foil and parchment and place directly on the heating element. As bread gets hard after too much time, we recommend checking every 15 minutes, and rotating sandwiches to heat on all sides. Heat pizza leftovers by placing them crust-side-down onto foil or parchment for 20-40 minutes, or until crust is nice and crispy. 
  • Paper: Whether at home or on the go, to heat those frozen-meal favorites, you can place the entire container as-is – cardboard and all – directly onto your HOTLOGIC® oven’s heating element. That’s right: it’s so easy you don’t even have to take the meal out of the box!
  • Plastic: Generally, you can also use the standard plastic container that most freezer meals come in to heat the food inside. Strong, heavy-duty re-sealable plastic bags may also be used. However, flat-bottomed containers with a lid are ideal for heating meals, making plastic meal-prep containers a HOTLOGIC® favorite.
  • Glass: Glass containers also perform excellently in HOTLOGIC® personal ovens.


What Can’t I Use in My HOTLOGIC®?

  • Styrofoam
  • Do not use containers without a lid. (An exception can be made for re-heating pizza/sandwiches as described above.)

There you have it: our best tips & tricks for getting started – you’re well on the way to being a personal-oven pro! Once you’re ready to start shopping for the best ingredients for your new oven, head on over to our Getting-Started Shopping List.

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